About us


We are a drone and Data Analytics organization providing end to end solution for drone applications getting rid of the dependency on the third party for the actionable results. Along with being India’s first company working on the complete hardware and software stack, we are introducing Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the nascent Indian drone industry. Aerial data gathering provides decision makers a complete picture of their operations and we believe that aerial data solutions are the future, with solutions ranging from Anti-terrorism to Agriculture.



Entire companies now exist to provide drones for commercial use. The potential of these remote-controlled flying robots is unlimited. Drone-captured data is an innovative solution for delivering sophisticated analytics to stakeholders and provides an affordable way to improve estimating, designing, progress tracking, and reporting for worksites.



Still limited by their human controllers, the next generation of drones will be powered by artificial intelligence. AI allows machines such as drones to make decisions and operate themselves on the behalf of their human controllers Three Laws of Robotics, the set of rules that dictated how AI could harmoniously co-exist with man. For those unfamiliar, the Three Laws state:
A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human to be harmed.
A robot must obey orders given to it by humans unless the orders conflict with the First Law.
A robot must protect its own existence unless such protection conflicts with the First or Second Law

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